Shankari Devi Temple

Shankari Devi Temple, Trincomalee, Sri Lanka, Famous 18 Shakti Peethas

Shankari Devi temple, Trincomalee, Srilanka is one of the highly revered Shakti Peethas. Almost all, intended to visit 18 famous Shakti Peethas at least once in their lifetime. These 18 Shakti Peethas are considered very sacred for Hindus, especially for Lord Durga Devotees. Here the Goddess Sati is worshipped as Shankari Devi. Adjacent to the temple, you will find the famous Trikoneswara temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Shankari Devi Temple

Probably you might have heard that Ashtadasha Shakti Peetha shloka is starting with “LANKAAYAAM SHAANKARI DEVI……” composed by Sri Adi Shankara which means Shankari in Lanka. Shankari Devi Temple is the place where ‘Groin’ part of the Sati had fallen.

According to the famous folklore, the temple was demolished by Portuguese people during the 16th to 17th centuries. Right now, Shankari Devi Temple is perched on the hillock which was destroyed by foreign invaders. It is believed that the idol of Goddess Shankari Devi has been preserved in the present temple, which is very close to the place where the idol originally used to be.

Interesting Legend of Shankari Devi Shakti Peeth:

Once Goddess Parvathi asked Lord Shiva to built a house for them. Initially, Lord Shiva refused her desire. But later Goddess Parvathi managed to convince Lord Shiva. In order to build a house. In this process, he ordered Vishwakarma to build a house. Abiding the orders of Lord Shiva Vishwakarma built a lovely house near Lanka Dweepam(Palace).

Meanwhile, Ravana performed a great Tapasya in order to please Lord Shiva. Pleased by his devotion, Lord Shiva along with Goddess Parvathi appeared before him. Moreover, Lord Shiva offered boons to Ravana. Later Parvathi asked Ravana to perform puja for their New House Warming. He accepted her proposal very happily. Pleased by the dedication of Ravana while doing Pujas, Parvathi asked him that what you want as a boon. He immediately asked the palace as a boon. 

Desperate Goddess Parvathi gave Lanka palace to Ravanasura as Dakshina. She was fully depressed. Seeing that, Ravana asked Jaganmata to live in Lanka. Parvathi told that she will be in the form of Shankari (Shakti Peeth), as long as Ravana follows her word. Also warned that she will leave Lanka if Ravana doesn’t care her. Finally, the day came Shankari Mata told Ravana to return Sita to Sri Rama. But he refused. Shankari left Lanka

Fascinating Legend Of Shakti Peeth

According to the popular legend, Sati was one of the daughters of Daksha, the son of Lord Brahma. When she grew up, Sati wanted to marry Shiva. However, her father Daksha possesses hatred towards Lord Shiva and was not happy with the Sati’s decision. So he tried a lot to stop their marriage. Despite his efforts, Sati married Lord Shiva. The marriage enhanced the Daksha’s hatred towards Lord Shiva.

Daksha, the father of Sati intend to perform a yagna. To take part in this yagna he called all the devotees except Lord Shiva. After hearing about this Yagna, Sati expressed her wish to Lord Shiva to attend the yagna. Initially, Lord Shiva tried to convince her and not let her attend the yagna. However, her strong intention can’t stop herself from going. 

Shankari Devi Temple

There, she witnesses all the deities except his husband. She realized that his father intentionally humiliated Lord Shiva. She demanded that her companion should be acknowledged as others. When that did not happen Sati’s wrath immolated herself in a fire. After knowing about the death of Sati, Lord Shiva rush to the Yagna’s place and cut off Daksha’s head. Moreover, he commenced the dance of destruction by carrying the mortal remains of Goddess Sati. All deities urged Vishnu to stop this destruction. So Lord Vishnu used his Sudarshana Chakra, which cut the Sati’s dead body into several parts. These parts fell in various parts of the earth. The places where Goddess Sati body parts fell are called Sakti Peethas. Tata Tarani Shakti Peeth is one of the 18 famous Shakti Peethas. 





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