Sahasralinga, Karnataka | Sahasralinga Temple Of Karnataka

Sahasralinga the famous Hindu pilgrimage is located in Sirsi Taluk, Uttara Kannada District, Karnataka. The word Sahasralinga literally means 1000 Shiv Lingas. It is one of the famous pilgrimage sites, especially for Lord Shiva Devotees. People from all walks of life have been visiting this place to witness 1000 carved Shiva lingams which are carved on the rocks in the Riverbed of Shalmala River. The salient feature of this place is each rock is designed with a Shiva linga and Nandi facing it. Innumerable devotee’s throng to the place especially during Shivaratri to worship Lord Shiva. 


In 1969, Jean Boulbet an ethnologist discovered this holy site. As per the popular beliefs, 1000 Shivlingas were carved abiding the orders of the King of Sirsi named ‘Sadashivaraya’ during the period from 1678 to 1718. Another popular legend claimed that 1000 Sahasralingas were ordered to be created by the king to fulfil his wish to beget an heir to his kingdom. The idle time to explore the 1000 Shiva lingams from November to March. 


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