Puruhutika Devi Temple

Puruhutika Devi Temple | Pithapuram Temple Info, History, Timings, How To Reach

Are you planning a visit to Puruhutika Devi Temple?. You are, then our article will assist you a lot in familiarizing about the prominence of the temple. Apart from it, you will know the intriguing history of the temple prior to the visit. Let’s take a quick look at our article. We will hope that you might feel enjoy while reading our article.

Puruhutika Devi Temple is among the Ashtadasa Shakti Peethas where Goddess Sati Devi’s left hand fell here. It is highly revered temple among the Hindus. People from various parts of the world have been visiting this temple not only to fulfil their wishes but also to have a glimpse of the deity. Kukuteswara Swamy Temple, the famous Lord Shiva Temple houses the famous Puruhutika temple within its temple campus, which is located in Pithapuram village Kakinada.

 Puruhutika Devi Temple

You will be explored the sacred pond named Pada Gaya Sarovar when you entered into the temple. In the north side of the temple, Pilgrims take a holy bath in this pond to wash away their sins. Later one can see the imprints of Gaya Asura beside the Dhwaja Sthambha. Witness the several temples reside in the temple complex include Sri Chandeeshwara Swamy, Kala Bhairava, Lord Subrahmanyam, and Siddi Ganapathi temple. 

This is the only shrine with the idol of Sri Guru Dattatreya. Moreover, you will be explored Audambara Vriksha (Banyan Tree) beside the shrine. It is also said that those who see, touch, do circumambulations or meditate near the Audumbara Vriksha will be the most fortunate of all. The Padukas (foot imprints) which are present beside the shrine is believed to be the real Padukas of Sri Sripada Vallabha Swamy. Abounding devotees throng to the temple especially during Maha Shivaratri, Sarannavarathri and Kaartika Masam festivals. 

History And Legend of Puruhutika Devi Temple:

According to the famous folklores, the Kukkuteshwara Swamy Temple is one of the Trigaya Kshetrams. However, it is well known as the Pada Gaya Kshetram. Owing to Gaya Asura, The powerful as well as pious Demon who laid his body at the behest of Brahma for doing a great yagna for the welfare of the people. His body was so huge that his head rested in Bihar and his legs reached Pithapuram. The place where his legs rested was a pond after which this pond came to be known as Pada Gaya Sarovar. In addition to taking a holy dip in the pious pond, people perform last rights of their loved ones. The last rights performed here is equal to the rights performed at Kashi which is also called Benaras/Varanasi.

 Puruhutika Devi Temple

Pithapuram is the birthplace of Sripada Sri Vallaba who was the first and foremost incarnation of Sri Dattatreya. Subsequently, became the main Sripada Sri Vallaba Anagha Datta Kshetram.

Legend Of Shakti Peeth

According to the popular legend, Sati was one of the daughters of Daksha, the son of Lord Brahma. When she grew up, Sati wanted to marry Shiva. However, her father Daksha possesses hatred towards Lord Shiva and was not happy with the Sati’s decision. So he tried a lot to stop their marriage. Despite his efforts, Sati married Lord Shiva. The marriage enhanced the Daksha’s hatred towards Lord Shiva.

Daksha, the father of Sati intend to perform a yagna. To take part in this yagna he called all the devotees except Lord Shiva. After hearing about this Yagna, Sati expressed her wish to Lord Shiva to attend the yagna. Initially, Lord Shiva tried to convince her and not let her attend the yagna. However, her strong intention can’t stop herself from going. 

There, she witnesses all the deities except his husband. She realized that his father intentionally humiliated Lord Shiva. She demanded that her companion should be acknowledged as others. When that did not happen Sati’s wrath immolated herself in a fire. After knowing about the death of Sati, Lord Shiva rush to the Yagna’s place and cut off Daksha’s head. Moreover, he commenced the dance of destruction by carrying the mortal remains of Goddess Sati. All deities urged Vishnu to stop this destruction. So Lord Vishnu used his Sudarshana Chakra, which cut the Sati’s dead body into several parts. These parts fell in various parts of the earth. The places where Goddess Sati body parts fell are called Sakti Peethas. Puruhutika Devi Temple is one of the 18 famous Shakti Peethas. 

Timings of  Puruhutika Devi Temple :

The temple timings are from 5.30 am to 4.30 pm.


you will find very limited accommodation facilities in Pithapuram. But you can find numerous accommodation amenities in Kakinada. 

How To Reach: 

Puruhutika Devi Temple, Pithapuram can be accessed by various modes of transport facilities. 

By air: 

The nearest airports to access the temple are either Visakhapatnam or Rajahmundry Airports.

By train: 

Avail plentiful trains from Hyderabad, Rajahmundry, Visakhapatnam railway stations.

By bus:

There are a number of buses plying from Kakinada, Rajahmundry, Visakhapatnam on a daily basis.


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