Purnagir Devi Temple

Purnagiri Devi Temple, Uttarakhand

Purnagir Devi Temple in Uttarakhand is one of the famous Shakthi Peethas in India. Perched on the right bank of the River Kali in Champawat district, Uttarakhand. It is highly revered temple for Hindus. People from all walks of life have been visiting this temple to have a glimpse of the Goddess Purnagiri Devi.

One could find the temple crowded with devotees during the auspicious festival named Navaratri. During these days devotees thronged to the temple and tie a thread prior to make a wish. If their wishes get fulfilled, the devotees revisit the temple to untie the threads. Purnagiri Devi temple is the place where Goddess Sati’s Nabhi or Naval fell.

Legend Of Shakti Peeth:

According to the popular legend, Sati was one of the daughters to Daksha, the son of Lord Brahma. When she grew up, Sati wanted to marry Shiva. However, her father Daksha possesses hatred towards Lord Shiva and was not happy with the Sati’s decision. So he tried a lot to stop their marriage. Despite his efforts, Sati married Lord Shiva. The marriage enhanced the Daksha’s hatred towards Lord Shiva.

Daksha, the father of Sati intend to perform a yagna. To take part in this yagna he called all the devotees except Lord Shiva. After hearing about this Yagna, Sati expressed her wish to Lord Shiva to attend the yagna. Initially, Lord Shiva tried to convince her and not let her attend the yagna. However, her strong intention can’t stop herself from going. 

There, she witnesses all the deities except his husband. She realized that his father intentionally humiliated Lord Shiva. She demanded that her companion should be acknowledged like others. When that did not happen Sati’s wrath immolated herself in a fire. After knowing about the death of Sati, Lord Shiva rush to the Yagna’s place and cut off Daksha’s head. Moreover, he commenced the dance of destruction by carrying the mortal remains of Goddess Sati. All deities urged Vishnu to stop this destruction. So Lord Vishnu used his Sudarshana Chakra, which cut the Sati’s dead body into several parts. These parts fell in various parts of the earth. These parts are called Sakti Peethas. 


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