Parshuram Kund

Parshuram Kund – The Famous Hindu Pilgrimage Site, Arunachal Pradesh

Prashuram Kund, the famous Hindu pilgrimage site has been drawing the attention of devotees from all over the world. Apparently, the kund is dedicated to sage Parshuram.  The Kund is situated within the Kamlang Reserve Forest area. It is located in Lohit District, Arunachal Pradesh. 

On Makar Sankranti Parshuram Kund Mela, an annual religious fair is celebrated here. For which hordes of devotees throng to the Kund to take a holy dip and wash away their sins in Parshuram Kund. As per the latest reports, every year nearly 70,000 devotees, as well as sadhus gathered here the Kund to take a dip in its water.   Apart from it, the devotees can partake in the activities including trekking, hiking, river rafting, and angling. As per the folklore, Parsurama washed away his sin of matricide in the waters of the Lohit river at Brahma Kund.

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The interesting legend concerning to the Parashuram Kund is  Lord Parashuram the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, cut off his mother Renuka head with his axe by abiding the orders of his father Rishi Jamadagni. The Moment he had committed the worst crime, his axe got stuck to his had. However, his father appeased with his obedience, decided to give a boon to him. To his surprise, Parashuram asked his mothers life as a boon. His father granted his mother’s life as a boon. Even though the axe could not be removed from his hand.

Parashuram felt remorse for his evil deed. As per the advice of the Rishis who told the way to get respite from the sins, he made a visit to the Lohit River to wash his hands in its sacred water. After taking a dip in the Lohit River the axe got immediately got separated. From that day onwards, the site where he washed his hands became a place of worship and came to be known by sadhus as Parashuram Kund.



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