Munneswaram Temple In Srilanka

Munneswaram Temple In Srilanka

Munneswaram Temple is one of the famous temples in Srilanka. The temple is one of five ancient temples dedicated to Shiva in the region. The temple is located in Munneswaram, a village with mixed Sinhala and Tamil population situated in the Puttalam District of Sri Lanka. The presiding deity Siva is installed in the form of Lingam in the sanctum sanctorum. 

Coming to the complex of the temple it is a collection of five temples which are dedicated to Lord Shiva, Ganesha, Ayyanayake, Kali and a Buddhist Temple. Among these temples, Kali Temple is also famous among Buddhists. The major festivals include Navarathri and Sivarathri which are celebrated grandly at the temple. 

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