Moodbidri Thousand Pillar Temple

Moodbidri Thousand Pillar Temple In Karnataka

Moodbidri Thousand Pillar Temple is one of the prominent temples in Karnataka. The temple is located in Moodbidri town, Mangalore. Moodbidri is famously known as ‘Jain Kashi’ of south India owing to it boasts 18 Jain temples.

Out of these, the oldest and splendid temple is Chandranatha Basadi. It is popularly known as Thousand Pillar Temple or ‘Savira Kambada Basadi.’ And it has the 15 m tall monolithic pillar called Mahastamba. The 2.5 m tall bronze idol of Lord Chandranatha Swami in the sanctum hall is considered to be very sacred

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 Coming to the history of Moodbidri Thousand Pillar Temple it was built by Devaraya Wodeyar the ruler of Vijayanagar in 1430 A.D. Apart from the thousand pillar temple the other well known Jain temples in Moodabidri including Mahadeva Shetty Basadi, Chola Shetty Basadi, Koti Shetty Basadi, Derma Shetty Basadi, Ammanavara Basadi and Vikram Shetty Basadi. 


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