Kapil Muni Temple, Gangasagar

Kapil Muni Temple, Gangasagar

Kapil Muni Temple is one of the prominent temples which is situated at Sagar Island in West Bengal. Sagar Island is 130 km from Kolkata. The original site of the temple has been washed away by the sea. It is replaced with a new temple which has been attracting the devotees from various parts of the world. During the annual Ganga Sagar Mela on Makar Sankranti Day, the devotees thronged to the temple to worship the deity, Kapil Muni. 

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The structure is a stone block, considered to be the representation of Sage Kapil. The idol of the saint holds a small pot of water in his left hand and a rosary in the right. Before going to the temple, the devotees will take a holy dip in the Ganges. The devotees can witness the images of Bhagirath, Ram and Sita.


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