Sir Bade Hanumanji Temple Allahabad

Hanuman Temple, Allahabad | Sir Bade Hanumanji Temple Allahabad

Hanuman Temple in Allahabad is one of the highly revered temples. People from various parts of the world have been visiting this temple to have a glimpse of the Lord Hanuman. People believed that Lord Hanuman will fulfil all their wishes. The statue of Lord Hanuman immersed in Ganges water during monsoon. 

According to the famous legends, there was a rich trader in the city of Kannauj. Fortunately, he had everything and experienced all pleasures of life. One day the trader determined to build a temple for Hanuman in order to fulfil his wish of getting a son. As a part of it, he went towards the hills of Vindhyachal to construct a mighty statue of Lord Hanuman.

The huge idol is made of stone which is about 20ft height and 8ft broad. The rich trader decided to dip the idol of Lord Hanuman Ji at various places of pilgrimages. Finally, he arrived at Sangam Kshetra of Prayag. He stayed there for a night to take rest. The rich trader dreamt that if he leaves the statue at this holy place his all wishes will be fulfilled. Considered the dream as God order, the very next day he decided to leave the statue there and went towards his city. 

After some time that huge statue of Shri Hanuman Ji remained submerged in the waters and got stuck under the sands.  On account of auspicious Magh Month, the saint named Sri Balgiri used to take a holy dip in the confluence of the three holy rivers in Sangam regularly. While during bath he used to pierce his Trishul into the sand in the bank of the River.  One day his Trishul didn’t pierce into the sand in the bank of holy Ganga. 

The incident makes him feel suspicious. To his surprise, he found the mighty Lord Hanuman Statue in the recline position. It is said that people tried a lot to put the statue in a standing position and transfer the statue to some other safe place. But all their efforts proved futile. Therefore even today we see the Lord in recline position at the same place where Sri Balgiri was given darshan by the Lord. 


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