Baba Reshi Shrine In Gulmarg Kashmir

Baba Reshi Shrine In Gulmarg Kashmir

Baba Reshi Shrine is one of the famous temples in Gulmarg. The holy shrine is situated at a height of 2,133 m above the sea level. It is located near the hill station Gulmarg. The combination of Mughal and Persian style of architecture and pleasing wooden artworks inside the tomb are fascinating the devotees. Apart from the shrine, the beautiful garden around the shrine has been attracting the devotees. 

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Baba Reshi Shrine is named after the renowned Muslim scholar and saint Baba Reshi. The Baba was a noted member of the court of King Zain-ul-Abidin, who ruled Kashmir in the 15th century. He served the king honestly until the day he died at Gulmarg in the year 1480. 

The nearest railway station is the Mazhom railway station. The nearest airport is Srinagar Airport. The visitors can avail the local transportation include horses, field chutes, and sledges. 


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